Search Classifier Reference

Operator Explanation
write a phrase A space is an implicit AND. In this example, "write" AND "a" AND "phrase" must all appear in the results.
word1 AND word2 You can explicitly use the AND opertor. Here, both "word1" and "word2" must appear in the results.
word1 + word2 Both word1 and word2 appear in the results.
word1 OR word2 Results will contain word1 OR word2.
word1 | word2 Results will contain word1 OR word2.
NOT word word will not appear in results.
-word word will not appear in results.
!word word will not appear in results.
find* Will match find, finding, fingings, etc.
"match exactly" match exactly will appear in the response exactly as typed (if found).
(word1 OR word2) AND NOT word3 Results will contain either word1 or word2 and will not contain word3.
Operator Alias Type Notes
bot boolean
extraData.matching_paragraph boolean
extraData.quarantine boolean
extraData.stickied boolean
stats.favorited boolean
stats.repost boolean
user.geoEnabled boolean
extraData.rule_id Exact Match
date Date
user.createdAt Date
location.coordinates geo_point
keyPhrases Exact Match
campaign Exact MatchName of the Project
campaignId Exact Match ID of the Project
campaignType Exact Match Campaign Type of the Project
demographics.gender Exact Match "One of male, female, unknown"
emotions Exact Match "One of joy, anger, fear, disgust, sadness, or surprise"
entities.surfaceForm Exact Match
entities.type Exact Match
entities.types Exact Match
entities.uri Exact Match
extraData.batch_id Exact Match
extraData.en2 Exact Match
extraData.failed_qc Exact Match
extraData.file Exact Match
extraData.fileid Exact Match
extraData.gender Exact Match
extraData.job Exact Match
extraData.language_probabality Exact Match
extraData.page_id Exact Match
extraData.permalink_url Exact Match
extraData.post_id Exact Match
extraData.post_type Exact Match
extraData.predicted_language Exact Match
extraData.qc_versions.major Exact Match
extraData.qc_versions.minor Exact Match
extraData.qc_versions.patch Exact Match
extraData.should_filter Exact Match Exact Match
extraData.site_categories Exact Match
extraData.site_type Exact Match
extraData.subreddit Exact Match
extraData.subreddit_id Exact Match
hashtags.text Exact Match
id Exact Match
keyPhrases.emotion Exact Match
keyPhrases.text Exact Match
language Exact Match
links.fullUrl Exact Match
links.shortUrl Exact Match
links.text Exact Match
location.NAME_0 country Exact Match
location.NAME_1 state Exact Match
location.NAME_2 county Exact Match
location.NAME_3 city Exact Match
location.NAME_4 village Exact Match
location.NAME_5 Exact Match Little used level (foreign countries only)
location.NAME_6 Exact Match Little used level (foreign countries only)
location.US_DISTRICT Exact Match District Name
location.type Exact Match
mentionedUsers.screenName mention:screenName or @screenName Exact Match Screen name of User mentioned in the Post
multimedia.fullUrl Exact Match
multimedia.mediaType Exact Match
multimedia.shortUrl Exact Match Exact Match Exact Match
originalPostUser.screenName retweets_of Exact Match Screen Name of User that originally posted the content (retweets), Retweeting, Original
platform Exact Match "TWITTER, FACEBOOK, REDDIT, GENERIC, etc"
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.emo Exact Match
pluginOutput.en2_prod.predictions Exact Match
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment.entities Exact Match
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_1_of_3.entities Exact Match
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_2_of_3.entities Exact Match
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_3_of_3.entities Exact Match
pluginOutput.multilang_sent.entities Exact Match
pluginOutput.political-association.political_association Exact Match
stats.repostedId Exact Match
synonym Exact Match
tags Exact Match
tenantId Exact Match
text.Exact Match Exact Match
text.standard Exact Match
title.Exact Match Exact Match Exact Match
user.derived.locations.country_code Exact Match
user.derived.locations.full_name Exact Match
user.derived.locations.geo.type Exact Match
user.derived.locations.locality Exact Match
user.derived.locations.region Exact Match
user.derived.locations.sub_region Exact Match Exact Match
user.lang Exact Match
user.location Exact Match Exact Match
user.screenName poster Exact Match
extraData.ord_in_thread Number
extraData.score Number
extraData.sentence Number
extraData.sentence_match_offset Number
keyPhrases.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.election-sentiment.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.anger Number
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.disgust Number
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.fear Number Number
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.sadness Number
pluginOutput.emoclass_es.surprise Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.amusement Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.anger Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.contempt Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.disgust Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.fear Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.hope Number Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.sadness Number
pluginOutput.en2_prod.activations.surprise Number Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment.confidence_neg Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment.confidence_pos Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment.neg_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment.pos_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v2.confidence_neg Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v2.confidence_pos Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v2.raw_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v2.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v3.neg_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v3.pos_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v3.raw_score Number
pluginOutput.indo-sentiment_v3.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.malay-sentiment.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_1_of_3.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_2_of_3.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.multilang_entity_sentiment_3_of_3.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.multilang_sent.sentiment Number
pluginOutput.political-association.left_probability Number
pluginOutput.political-association.right_probability Number
pluginOutput.political-association.total_hits Number
sentiment Number"Score of -1, 0, or 1"
stats.downVotes Number
stats.likes Number
stats.timesFavorited Number
stats.timesReposted Number
stats.upVotes Number
user.derived.locations.geo.coordinates Number
user.favouritesCount Number
user.followersCount Number
user.friendsCount Number
text Searchable Text
title Searchable Text